Friday, July 10, 2009

The Beret

The Kokin Discus Beret

Every Halloween I wanted to be dressed up as a Beatnik. A black pair of tights, a long white shirt from my father, barefoot or soft black ballet slippers, a cigarette in a holder, long hair and.....the black beret!

A little history on the beret.

Where did it come from? The beret can be traced back to ancient Greece, the Fren ch seemed to have claimed it as their own, and versions can be found in Scotland. No one re ally seems to know for sure, but it has been around for a mighty long time. The word 'beret' is derived from the latin "birretum", which means "cap". A beret is a floppy cap.

Artists have worn them, (The Monet Beret)

Bonnie wore one - (The Faye Beret)

"Tania" wore one (Hi Patty H,)

The military has worn them,

Mr. Guevara wore one (The Che Beret) -

The entire Beat Generation adopted them

and women have worn them as a fashion statement throughout history

For something so simple in shape, a flat circular piece of wool felt or cotton, it is much adored by those that wear hats. Simplicity and versatility, hip and elegant, professional and relaxed.

The beret will be here for a long time to come.

P.s. When I finally grew up, the Beatniks had all but disappeared... but I was lucky... I caught their tail-end (and the wonderful aftermath) in New York and San Francisco ... thank you Jack Kerouac, Allen Ginsberg, City Lights Bookstore, and all you beat-era poets/songsters and free-thinkers!


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